How many of you like waiting?


Yeah, thought so.  Nobody does, but here we are in Redding – waiting.  For several reasons, we can’t make any move on the land until January at the earliest.  So, we wait.

There are some good things about waiting.

First, it gives you time to think and plan so that you’re not just running around aimlessly once you do get moving.  It gives you time to pray and ensure that you’re not heading off in your own direction instead of following Jesus.  It’s a space in the frantic pursuit of whatever you are doing that allows you to consider other options and perspectives or maybe take a side-road that you would otherwise have missed.

Don’t waste the wait, especially by complaining about it.  Take each wait as God’s invitation to slow down and listen instead of running along non-stop with your headphones blasting on a road to nowhere.  God wants to speak.  The choice to listen or not is ours.

Christians use the phrase “wait on the Lord” without thinking that it will involve waiting.  This exercise of patience and admission of dependance is something our old nature hates.  Do it anyway – you’ll be glad you did!


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