W. T.

I didn’t know W. T. Grace well, but I wish I could have.  He was my step-grandpa, and I’m told he had a million ideas. Some of them were terrible, but some were wicked-good.  He was also a cattleman, so he would have lots of specific bits of knowledge and experience that I could use.

I think that he and I would have been great friends if we had lived at the same time.  We share not only a relentless supply of ideas, but also the determination to see them brought to life.  That’s where I’m sure he would out-do me.  Men of his generation knew hardship and could press on through things that would send towels flying in from my generation.

There’s also a bit less Texan and more engineer in me.  I’m “constructively lazy”, as one of my college professors once said.  What I lack in grit, I make up for with creative problem-solving.  So, I’ve started identifying tasks, anticipating problems and developing solutions in advance.  There will still be hard work, and I’ll still want to quit.  In fact, I’m certain that I will come to the end of my own resources – both grit and creativity.

One big difference between me and W. T. is our source of strength.  I know my own strength is limited, and I do not plan to rely on it.  If I do this, it will be because I think God is leading me.  If He is leading me, then I can rely on His strength.  Problem anticipated – solution identified.


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