We all hit them.  Sometimes they slow us down or take us down a different path, but sometimes they stop us in our tracks.  Our first roadblock comes from the Saul Zaentz Corporation, owners of the rights to Tolkien’s literary works.  Whispering the word “hobbit” raises hairs on the back of some lawyer’s neck, but “halfling” can be used any way you please.  So, we will build halfling holes.  The worst part?  Besides the loss of recognition, auto-correct keeps changing halfling into “hallooing”.  I think this one falls into the “slow us down” bucket.

Will we hit more roadblocks?  AB SO LUTE LY.  Regardless of what they are, the key will be to keep going.  Just keep breathing.  That’s the key…

We are so excited to provide people with a real escape to another world.  I’ve been sniffing out Kickstarter, and I think we will start a campaign to fund our farm’s expansion into a resort in a few years.  There’s a long way to go before then, but everyone is getting really excited to start.  Today, I finally put our 10-year financial plan together based on all the bits and pieces of research we’ve done.  It’s scary how good this looks on paper, but I know reality will be 100X tougher.  About 1000 little projects need to be completed to get us there.  If I’ve learned anything about small projects, its that the ones that don’t get started are the least likely to be completed.


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